Learning To Accept My Own Beauty

For me it all came to a head after having my son....

My post baby body was a shock. The birth itself had been rough, so my body had much to recover from. My hips looked twice as wide, to me at least. My face was puffy, my clothes didn't fit the same or at all. I had an extra 20 pounds on my frame once the baby weight was gone. 20 pounds I couldn't seem to get rid of. It was a healthy weight, but I was obsessed with getting back to my pre baby weight. Then there were the shadows under my eyes from lack of sleep, the crazy hair. Typical stuff.

I became very aware of all the messages out there for new moms. How to lose the pooch, get your body back, how to hide those dark circles under your eyes, how to get rid of stretch marks (is that even possible?) I was actually terrified of getting stretch marks when I was pregnant and vowed I wouldn't let it happen. Well, they happened.

All of these messages got to me and I started feeling shame about my body and my looks. Most of my days were (and still are) spent at home wearing yoga pants, no make-up, and my hair pulled back in a frizzy half pony. I was "letting myself go" and that is just not acceptable said the advertisements and articles.

When I started taking back control....

Finally something in me rebelled and shouted, "Enough! This is not right." Around that time I started seeing more blog posts and articles that opposed these messages of beauty that were messing me up. It got me thinking, a lot. As I kept reading and thinking about my own feelings and thoughts on this subject the idea of writing  a blog or creating a website came to me. At first I resisted. I didn't think we needed one more blogger going on about beauty. But it's about adding my voice to the many others out there. The thought became so persistent (I believe it was inspiration), that I either had to be brave and do it, or explode. Exploding sounds messy and painful, so here I am.

There were some books I read and people I talked to that helped propel me forward in taking action on my inspiration. I will likely talk about them in my posts. Often.

My hopes for you and me....

While I don't have a degree in psychology or anything related to beauty, etc... actually, I don't have a degree at all. I do have my experiences, intellect, and I believe a clarity of mind and heart that enables me to recognize where the truth lies in the question of beauty. I will get personal with you as I embark on my own personal journey in learning to embrace the truth of my beauty and share what I learn along the way.

I hope in my writings to emphasize the message that we have the power to define beauty for ourselves. That the beauty, fashion, media, and advertising industries don't have the final say on what is beautiful. We don't have to buy their message. I want us to be empowered in taking back control of how we feel about our bodies and ourselves, instead of giving that control away.

I hope to create an environment where we support one another and encourage the personal discovery of our own unique beauty. To discover what beauty truly means to us as individuals. To embrace it in ourselves and others.

The beauty is already within us. Time to set it free!